10 Modern Exterior House Painting Ideas

Your home’s exterior paint color and style greatly impact its curb appeal and personality. While off-whites and beiges are popular, you may want to get more creative and bold with an unexpected, modern color or technique.

A fresh new exterior paint job in contemporary hues or applications can transform the look of your home and give it a stylish facelift. From black accents to two-tone designs, there are endless possibilities when it comes to exterior paint.

Here are ten innovative exterior house painting ideas that inspire you to get creative on your next home painting project.

With the right prep work and technique, you can use exterior paint to make a dramatic style statement and give your home exterior a fashionable, contemporary look.

1. Black Accent Wall 

All-black exterior paint jobs are certainly eye-catching and sophisticated. But if you want a more subtle touch of this trend, consider painting just one accent wall or architectural feature in black.

For example, go for high contrast with a glossy black front door against white or neutral walls.

Or make a statement by painting one exterior side of your home black from top to bottom, including the soffits overhang. The inky black will pop against lighter hues like white, gray, tan, or light blue on the other walls.

2. Dusty Blue 

Dusty Blue exterior paint

Choose a soft dusty blue hue to give your exterior a soothing, stylish color pop. This timeless shade works well dressed up with bright white trim, black accents, and colorful landscaping additions.

Dusty blue exterior paint jobs pair nicely with gray-blue roofs. And the color suits many home styles, from Victorian and Craftsman to traditional suburban homes.

Go for a matte dusty blue finish against gloss white trim for a harmonious, modern contrast.

3. Sage Green 

Consider a light sage green paint color for an earthy exterior with a trendy yet natural vibe. Soft sage green is relaxing and sophisticated. It also beautifully coordinates with stone and brick accents.

Pair the green walls with off-white trim and opt for a gray roof—a landscape with ornamental grasses and green shrubbery to complement the walls.

Sage green exteriors feel right at home on Craftsman, Farmhouse, cottage, and other traditional home styles.

4. Rustic Red 

Deep rustic shades like barn or brick red add wonderful country character and charm to home exteriors. Red painted exteriors naturally fit on Craftsman, Farmhouse, ranch, and other traditional home styles.

For a pulled-together look, accent with bright white trim, black shutters, and an aged wood or standing seam metal roof. Add a front porch with a white railing and wood or black metal lighting fixtures for extra country appeal.

5. Charcoal and White

charcoal and white paint for exterior

Combine charcoal gray walls with bright white trim and accents for sleek, modern style. Use varying cool-toned gray shades on exterior walls to add subtle depth.

Then, make windows, rails, soffits, and other trim details pop brightly against the gray with clean white paint. Charcoal and white exteriors work on home styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. Finish off the two-tone look with matching charcoal roof shingles or tiles.

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6. Navy Blue Shutters

Painting your exterior window shutters is an easy way to add cheerful pops of color. Navy blue makes for a chic, nautical color pairing with exterior walls painted white, light gray, beige, or even buttery yellow.

Use a glossy navy blue finish on shutters for a bold punch against matte siding. For extra charm, add window boxes in the same navy blue.

This colorful accent works well on all sorts of home styles, from cottages to colonials.

7. Vivid Orange Front Door 

Make a vibrant statement with a bright orange front door against more neutral exterior wall colors. Orange adds cheerful personality and curb appeal.

Add orange accents like planter boxes, benches, shutters, or other decorative external elements for a pulled-together look.

Consider also tying in an orange walkway or orange landscaping. Vivid orange contrasts against white, gray, tan, and other popular wall colors.

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8. Two-Tone Horizontal

Two-tone paint extends horizontally across your home’s exterior for dramatic appeal. For example, paint the bottom half of the facade black or charcoal, and the top half white, beige, or light gray.

Use painter’s tape to create clean, straight lines where the colors meet. This eye-catching look represents a home’s architecture and works well on contemporary facades. Match the roof color to either the top or bottom color scheme.

9. Distressed Wood Siding

For added natural texture and depth, consider installing distressed wood siding. Facades with gray, white-washed, and natural driftwood-style wood siding give homes a modern farmhouse vibe.

Use wood planks on just one section of exterior walls as an accent, or cover the entire facade for a cohesive look.

Then, paint the trim and accents in compatible colors like white, black, or soft natural wood tones. Mixing wood exterior walls with painted trim gives homes a dimensional, contemporary look.

10. Graphic Black and White

graphic black and white

Make your exterior facade pop with a graphic black-and-white paint scheme. Use only these two colors to create geometric patterns along the exterior.

Try harlequin-style diamonds, bold zigzags, checkered sections, or frames painted around doors and windows. Black and white graphics work well on contemporary homes.

Prepare for crisp lines by properly taping off sections before painting begins.

With the right vision and preparation, exterior paint lets you make your home’s facade stand out in a fresh, fashionable way. While neutral beiges and whites play it safe, don’t be afraid to get creative with color, textures, and designs that reflect your style.

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From soothing blue grays, charming navy accents, and eye-catching black and white graphic patterns, today’s on-trend exterior paint options are virtually endless.

Complement your colors with modern sidings like distressed wood or sleek fiber cement boards. And remember accents like colorful front doors, window boxes, shutters, and trim for extra pops of personality.

Proper prepping and priming make your trendy new exterior paint scheme look amazing for years.

A well-executed modern exterior paint job can entirely transform the look of your home and give it an of-the-moment wow factor. So go bold, get creative, and make your home exterior as stylish as your interior design.

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