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We at Advanced Painters provides all type of exterior painting and rendering, uPVC window spray painting, and interior decorating that will transform the appearance of your property.

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You can make the old house look new again by selecting a reputable painting company like Advanced Painters. And perhaps more crucially, why employ painters when you can do the job yourself? Using a professional painting service has a number of advantages. To begin with, the painters at Advanced Painters are well prepared to handle any unforeseen painting challenges. They are aware of when it is necessary to power wash a building’s exterior or fix a small hole with caulk. They are polite, wear uniforms, and can address any queries you may have regarding paintings. We offer services across Dunstable.

Advanced Painters is one of the leading companies in Dunstable offering the best paint services. We offer a wide variety of services from exterior painting to UPVC window spraying. We can promise that we leave our customers saying WOW at our services since our expert painting teams continually review their own work.

Our painting crew will arrive on schedule and deliver the service you require in a short amount of time. In essence, by hiring our expert painting service, you’re ensuring a high-quality paint job that won’t need any touch-ups from you. In every sense, it is a white glove service. Give us a call right away if you reside in Dunstable to take advantage of our first-rate services.

A Full-Service Painting Company In Dunstable

Services we offer

At Advanced Painters we offer a wide variety of professional yet affordable paint services in Dunstable. You can get any of the following services;

Exterior Painting

We at Advanced Painters offer the best exterior painting services. Our team of exterior painting experts has years of experience, and they provide the best results possible so you can be proud of the finished project.

Upvc Window spraying

Our on-site UPVC spraying service creates little mess, causes little disturbance, and doesn’t call for any building work. You’ll see results right away. The paint dries to the touch in just a few minutes and cures entirely in 24 hours.

Window Painting

We think that a house’s windows are where its spirit dwells. Our qualified house painters have the knowledge you’d anticipate when emphasizing the most crucial aspect of your house. We approach window painting with the meticulous care needed to improve the curb appeal of your property in Dunstable.

Wall Coatings

With the help of our skilled wall coatings service, revitalize your house with a new coat of paint. Your home will have a fresh new look, and the atmosphere will be improved. For the benefit of all Dunstable residents, our qualified team will make sure to deliver this service effectively and safely.

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Advanced Painters offer Specialist painting services and exterior home renovations !

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How Our Service Works

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If you live in Dunstable you can contact us through our website or give us a call. Our consultant will help you understand our different services and which one is best for your needs.

Our painters will come to your place

Our painters are expert craftsmen with years of expertise. In Dunstable, they are accessible to meet your demands. They will ensure that everything is done correctly, from pre-paint preparation to post-paint cleaning

Enjoy your newly painted property

You can be rest assured that we will leave your place in the best condition. You will not need to deal with any paint residual lying in your house. You will get a perfectly painted and cleaned place.

Why Choose Advanced Painters In Dunstable?

If you live in Dunstable then make sure to choose Advanced Painters for all types of paint services and enjoy the following benefits;

Guaranteed Service

When you contact us for your painting needs, you can be sure that you’ll be delighted thanks to our excellent warranty. To provide you the piece of mind that you are getting the best paint services, we provide warranties on our work.


Working on a ladder, handling chemicals, and breathing in dust all make painting a potentially dangerous task. You won’t have to worry about these issues if you choose our qualified contractor for paint service in Dunstable.

Cleanup and Disposal

You won’t have to worry about dealing with paint smears and other remains if you hire our experienced contractor. When dealing with potentially hazardous trash on the work, our experts will be skilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your home can be protected with paint. It serves as an extra layer of defense against wear and damage that can eventually affect the surface materials beneath the paint. It also has a significant impact on how your home looks as a whole.

Yes, all of our crew members are licensed. It means you will be getting paint services from highly knowledgeable and experienced painters. We being licensed also ensures that you can entrust your property to us.

By hiring a professional painter, you may expect a quicker and more comprehensive painting job. Professional painters also check to see that the space is properly prepared for painting and cleaned up afterward.

You can, indeed. We make it a point to only bring on board highly qualified, experienced, and dependable personnel, so you can relax knowing your house is in capable hands.

The most popular kind of paint for use in homes is water-based paint, usually referred to as latex, which is what we use. This quick-drying paint can be cleaned with soap and water and is safe for the environment. Depending on the needs of your home, we also employ other types of paint.

The size of the project significantly determines how long it will take. While the majority of residential painting tasks may be finished in under a week, larger projects, complicated projects, and commercial projects typically take a little longer.

Positive Feedback

client satisfaction

Advanced Painters were a very skilled painting company. They completely renewed the look of our house when we moved in with a full rendering service before painting.
Joe bates
Kensington, London
Sam and his team were brilliant, Our windows are now looking brand new after a full renovation of our old wooden windows. We could not believe the difference from start to finish.
Lee Finley
Watford, Hertfordshire
The team arrived on time each day, were very polite people, and most importantly did an excellent job on our exterior painting. Highly recommend to homeowners looking for a local team.
Jeanette silva
Harrow, Middlesex
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