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Advanced Painters have been helping locals in London, and the Home Counties for years to render and repair external walls and surfaces. We are used to diagnosing, upgrading and repairing a wide variety of exterior wall-related issues, providing long-lasting solutions that improve the appearance and value of your property. We’re available at short notice and deliver the high quality finish you expect – contact our team right now to see what we can do for you.

What is Exterior House Rendering?

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Exterior rendering involves the application of cement or silicone to external walls and facades. It works in much the same way as traditional plastering for property interiors, although it can be applied using much more advanced technology to protect brickwork and the structure from the elements.

Even if it is just glazing applied to bricks, most properties will feature some form of external covering. However, this does not offer the sort of your protection your home needs against its ongoing exposure to wind, rain, ice and UV rays throughout the years. This is where exterior has an important part to play, providing a cost-effective solution that will protect your home for years to come.

what types of House render are available?

Advanced Painters offer a wide range of exterior services that can be used all types of properties.

Sand and cement render

This is most common type of exterior render, blended with a simple mixture of water, cement and sand. In total there are 3 layers applied: base coat, top coat and paint coat.


Before being applied to the wall, pebbles, shells and small gravel are added to a mixture of sand and cement to create an even spread.


Polymer/acrylic ingredients are included to bind together this render. There are great colour options available and this render is incredibly durable.


Silicone is similar to acrylic in terms of colour choice and flexibility, but it offers better waterproof protection as it self-cleans whilst staying dry.


A dry mix blended with water that usually requires two coats, and can be finished textured, smooth or rusticated to produce a stone-like appearance.

Can you repair my existing rendering?

If your rendering is damaged and cracks have started to appear, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Long-term exposure to the elements will usually mean repairs are needed at some point, and if left neglected it could lead to much larger problems.

One of the main issues damaged rendering can cause is the infiltration of damp into the cracks of the walls. Even if damp doesn’t fully penetrate through the walls it can lead to things like dry rot and wet rot, damp plasterwork, frost damage and much more.

Advanced Painters offer a comprehensive rendering repair service that can fix damaged or crumbling render. Thanks to our expertise in this area, our team of technicians can spot early signs of damage before it becomes a much larger problem, helping you keep your home protected at all times.

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Property rendering in London & Home Counties

If you live in London or the Home Counties and need property rendering or rendering repairs, get in touch with the Advanced Painters team today. We’ll provide you with a free site survey and quote, giving you access to some of the best rendering professionals around.

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How Much Does House Rendering Cost in London?

We Understand that each London residence comes with its unique dimensions. Therefore, determining a universal cost or estimate becomes a challenge. Various elements, such as the choice of rendering and the specific exterior walls necessitating rendering, further contribute to price variability. Should you desire a quotation tailored to your London property, kindly submit a request for a free quote.

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Benefits of House Rendering

Thermal Insulation

One key benefit provided by rendering is enhanced thermal insulation, resulting in greater heat retention within your home throughout the colder months of the year.

Brickwork Protection 

An additional advantage of applying rendering is its ability to safeguard your brickwork. The challenge with leaving bricks exposed in their standard state is their susceptibility to erosion from weathering, potentially leading to mortar damage and subsequent damp problems. For further information, explore the specifics of house rendering services.

 Lower Risk of Damp Issues

Finally, the act of rendering can greatly diminish the likelihood of exterior-facing walls in your home experiencing issues with rising damp.

Now that you have more information about house rendering London, contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a free, no-obligation quote for any type of rendering on your home.

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