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Applying wall coatings to the outside of your home adds much more than just an improved appearance. While you can restore original aesthetic of the exterior, wall coatings also protect and shield your property against the wear and tear of exposure to the elements. Advanced Painters use premium, high-performance exterior wall coating systems that will bring out the very best of your home.

Why do I need to paint the exterior of my home?

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Thanks to the high resin contained in the exterior wall coatings products used by our team, your home will receive a new weather-resistant layer of protection that will last for years to come. It will also help restore your property’s good looks, as the coating is thicker than traditional paints and will cover up any imperfections to improve overall kerb appeal.

There are a number of different ways the walls of your home can be affected by water that are not immediately visible to the naked eye. For example, if ice forms between the bricks and cracks start to appear, rain can penetrate the brick until it becomes riddled with damp and mould. A brand new exterior wall coating will offer enhanced protection against water penetration, and can be applied to a wide selection of surfaces, including brick, stone, render, pebbledash and many more.

What colours are available?

We know from experience that houses come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and we have a variety of colours and textures to match. Simply choose from our premium colour range, or if you have a specific colour in mind, we can have it made to order.

The same principle applies to surface textures, with smooth, untextured finishes available, all the way through to heavier, rougher finishes. If you are unsure which one will work best on your property, we can give you impartial advice based on years of project experience. Once we provide a free quote, we can also show a range of colour and texture samples before work begins.

What if my rendering is cracked or damaged?

If parts of your rendering are cracked or damaged, we will recommend that it is repaired to ensure you have the perfect surface to receive the coating system. Painting over cracks will not prevent damp from appearing and will likely cost you more money to repair in the future.

Advanced Painters also provide a render repair service that can be used in conjunction with our exterior wall coating service. It enables us to repair any issues with the outside walls before applying a new system, giving you maximum protection and ensuring your investment lasts for much longer.

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Book a free site survey and quote

The sooner you apply a new wall coating to the exterior of your property, the sooner it will have the long-lasting weatherproof protection it needs. Get in touch with our exterior wall coating team today to book a free site survey and fixed-price quote to see what our premium exterior painting system can do for you.

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