UPVC spray paint

What Is UPVC Spray Paint And How Does It Work

Hey there, have you ever wondered about that shiny plastic coating on outdoor items like garden furniture, fences, and window frames? Chances are it’s a UPVC spray paint finish.

Pretty clever stuff, right? If you have outdoor items you want to protect or are just curious to learn about how this magical spray-on plastic works, read on to get the full scoop on UPVC spray paint.

This versatile product may soon become your new favourite thing for sprucing up and safeguarding items around your yard and home exterior.

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What Is UPVC Spray Paint?

UPVC spray paint, also known as vinyl spray paint, is a specialized coating designed for painting plastic and vinyl surfaces. Unlike regular spray paints, UPVC spray paint contains a solvent that softens and adheres specifically to plastics like PVC, allowing it to bond strongly without peeling or scratching off.

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What Can You Paint With UPVC Spray Paint?

UPVC spray paint can be used on:

  1. PVC pipes, gutters, windows, doors, and siding
  2. Vinyl flooring, tiles, linoleum, and siding
  3. Plastic patio furniture, planters, trash cans, and kiddie pools
  4. Fiberglass like recreational vehicles, boats, campers and hot tubs

How to Use UPVC Spray Paint

Prepare the Surface

Make sure the area you want to paint is clean and dry. Wipe away any dirt or debris. Lightly sand any glossy surfaces to rough them up and provide a “tooth” for the paint to grip onto. Clean the area with a degreaser or solvent to remove oils, and wipe clean with a tack cloth.

Shake Well

To thoroughly mix the paint, once you’re ready to paint, vigorously shake the aerosol can for 2 to 3 minutes. This helps ensure even colour and proper adhesion.

Apply in Thin, Even Coats

Hold the can 6 to 8 inches from the surface and spray in smooth, sweeping motions. Apply 2 to 3 thin coats instead of one heavy coat, waiting 5 to 10 minutes between applications. Thin coats provide the best, most even coverage.

Consider a Primer

For the best results, especially on bare wood or metal, apply a coat of UPVC primer first. The primer helps the topcoat bond tightly to the surface. Then follow up with 2 or 3 coats of your UPVC spray paint colour.

Protect the Finish

To safeguard your new UPVC paint finish, apply a clear topcoat sealer. The sealer protects against weathering and damage and provides a durable coating. Reapply the sealer every few years to maintain protection.

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What Is UPVC Spray Paint – Conclusion

By now, you should be well-versed in what it is, how it differs from regular paint, and the key steps to apply it yourself. While it does require some patience and the right technique, with some practice, you’ll be spraying on an even coat in no time.

And when you see the sleek, durable finish it leaves behind, you’ll be glad you made the effort. Your home will look fresher and more modern, all thanks to the magic of UPVC window spray paint. So grab your respirator mask, prep your surface, and get spraying—your dream home makeover awaits!

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