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There’s a lot more to painting a window frame than just picking up a tin of paint and a brush. It’s a specialist handcraft skill that when done correctly can add a whole new dimension to your windows. Our highly skilled team of experienced painters use specialist techniques to bring the very best out of sash, casement and other styles of timber and metal-framed windows. We know that no two properties are the same and always ensure the windows retain their original look and functionality. Make an enquiry today to find out more about how our window frame painting service can help you.

Why do I need to paint my windows?

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Just like any other part of your property that is constantly exposed to the elements, your windows will eventually start to deteriorate over time. While cracked or peeling frames may appear to be issues that do not require much attention, if ignored, they will develop into more serious conditions.

If the existing paint starts to peel off, the wood or metal frames become exposed to moisture in the air and the wind-driven rain that can start to infiltrate the walls. Once water penetrates the wall it can quickly develop mildew and mould growth, which creates a number of other structural issues.

The Advanced Painters team use premium paints that look great and add an all-important layer of weatherproof protection for your windows. It is a cost-effective way to increase the longevity of your window frames, while also making you feel even prouder of your home.

Premium quality workmanship & materials

No matter where you live in London or the South East, Advanced Painters will ensure your windows are painted to the highest possible standard. We know our customers expect the very best, so we take great care in how we prepare and manage the job from the start to finish.

We’re passionate about our work and always treat your property with the respect it deserves. All stripping and painting is done by hand, and we ensure the timber/metal, glass and other window furniture remain in perfect condition during the painting process. To achieve a quality finish we only use the most appropriate materials so you can have peace of mind the appearance of your new windows will stand the test of time.

The Advanced Painters team take a collaborative approach, offering advice on the best paint or colours if you are not sure what will work best. You can rely on our knowledge in that respect, and we always follow the best practices to achieve fantastic results.

Give your windows the makeover they deserve

If your windows could do with a refresh or you have noticed that the existing paint has started to peel and crack, contact us today to get a free site survey and quote. Whether it’s for a single or multiple floors of your property, the Advanced Painters team offer a flexible approach that will minimise the impact it has on your routine, while still finishing the job to the high standards you expect.

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